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Do you own a hotel business or an online business and would like to increase your exposure?

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Create awareness for your products or services the smart way.

Through our newsletter service you can get direct exposure to consumers waiting for good offers related to vacation.

Why use our service? 

Newsletter is no. 1

It's been proved again and again, newsletters are the best way to reach out to your potential consumers. 

We offer great prices.

CPC for the term "vacation deals" is up to $2.2. We currently offer a flat price for our service. 

Better communication.

With newsletters, it's easier to create attractive high CTR content instead of simply low converting text and links.

In a rush? 

Express exposure.

Suddenly got a lot of rooms available? Or something came up with your online shop? We can deliver express exposure that both have better conversion and lower costs. Stop using costly high bidding services that does not convert in the end. 


We have competetive prices - all prices are a one time fee per exposure no matter how many clicks your exposure recieves.

Landing page with multiple products: $849.
Landing page with single product: $249.
Landing page with single vacation stay: $449
Landing page with multiple vacation stays: $1449 

The small print.

In order for us to contain the quality of our service, the following terms must at least be met to be eligible.

1. Products must be releated to the term "vacation" or hold an commercial aspect of the term. I.e "swimwear", "body products after sunbathing", "summer apparel for the next vacation" etc. are approved.
2. Vacation stays must be an established business. We do not make exposure for AirBnB or other private sharing booking models.
3. The product or service offered must be given an discount off at least 20%. We do recommend an higher discount, as this will increase your exposure.
Read the full "Terms Of Use"

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